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/Sectional door repairs Laverton

You can count on Door Services Victoria not only to get your old or broken garage door repaired but also on the best advices on the care and maintenance required to make your door last longer.

Wider choice of materials to make a sectional door

Unlike the typical roller door which is made mostly of corrugated iron, sectional doors can be made with a wider variety of materials, for example, glass, copper, vinyl, steel, aluminum or even wood. Sectional doors are a set of loosely joined panels that slide upwards then horizontally to position itself under the ceiling; that is why all these materials can be used; as they are not rolled up or folded. People can thus choose, according to their home design, budget, weather conditions, etc., what is the best material for their door. If you require any advice or sectional door repairs services, let us know.

We extend our operations to the Laverton vicinity, so if you are a around, contact us.  

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